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John Lennon, NYC, 1980

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The Beatles played two shows at the Croydon venue as part of a ‘Merseybeat Showcase’.

On August 23, 1974 at 9:00 pm John Lennon said he’d seen a flying saucer from the roof of his apartment. Upon seeing it, he ran around yelling, “Here I am! Come get me!”
May Pang had taken some photos of it, and John enlisted photographer Bob Gruen’s help in developing them, wishing to see them immediately.
When the film was developed, the entire roll was blank, something that Gruen found very odd as the camera and film were of high quality.
Still, Gruen encouraged John to report his sighting, even offering to make the calls for him. He called the New York Times who hung up on him. He called the police who said they hadn’t heard anything. And he called the New York Daily News who said they’d had several calls about it, which encouraged John as he felt that must have meant he’d actually seen a UFO.
This photo is of John pointing to where he saw the flying saucer, that fateful 1974 night.


29/∞ | World’s Top Life Ruiners - John Charles Julian Lennon [x]

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"I think everyone has the potential to be creative, but they have to find the avenue or avenues that work for them.”

Happy 51st birthday to this adorable, handsome and talented man

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Paul with Mickey Dolenz, of The Monkees